Newsletter Archives


  1. Upload all newsletter PDFs into Media Library
  2. Copy each PDF’s link in separate file for easy reference
  3. In Admin, go to Pages and open ‘Newsletter Archives’ page
  4. Locate the Tabs module and open it
  5. You’ll find a sample year setup for quarterly newsletters and another for monthly
  6. Identify which years you have monthly newsletters and which you have quarterly
  7. Clone the sample years as needed until they match your Chapter’s archive structure
  8. Rename the tab titles to just the year (removing the temp text indicating quarterly vs monthly)
  9. Within each year, hover of each quarter or month text and update the hyperlinks with the ones you set aside earlier
  10. Once you’ve got everything set, Save the modules and then Preview the page changes. If everything looks good, hide this ‘Setup Module’ and Publish the page to lock in the changes.

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